2015 Books In Review, Part One

Another year, another reading goal completed. My goal this year was 80 books since I have a toddler, and I reached my goal at the very beginning of December. I am actually 5-10 books higher than 80 because I re-read Harry Potter 5-7 this year and also Antifragile but I don’t count those toward my reading goal.

I’ve really fallen off my reading in the last few months. I think it’s because Jack threw my Kindle in the toilet, so I had to start using my daughter’s Kindle, which somehow became overrun with toddler games and tv shows. It’s pretty much impossible for me at this point to use my Kindle in Jack’s presence because he will whine and cry and want to play with it any time it’s in view.

I used to go to the library quite a bit, but that took a back seat when Jack was smaller as it was easier for me to hold the Kindle and a baby at the same time. But now the problem is the Kindle so I guess the solution is to start making more library trips to get physical books. The only temptation for Jack with a physical book is wanting to draw in it!

ANYWAY…..let’s briefly go over some of my favorite books for this year. Today I will stick with a new thing I did this year:

Books recommended by my kids.

I asked each of my kids to recommend a book for me to read and I intend to have them all done by the end of the year. This experiment means I will have read 3 fiction books this year, which is the most I have read in many years. I think I figured out why I don’t read fiction anymore. It’s impossible for me to not get completely sucked in and ignore my whole life until the book is over. I did it with every fiction book I read this year but it doesn’t happen as consistently with non-fiction. In fact, I frequently NEED to take a break from a non-fiction book to process what I read before ingesting more.

Here are the books my kids recommended:

Fablehaven was recommended by Lily, who is 12. I just read it this week and I am taking a special trip the the library today to get the next book because I LOVED the first one.

Alex is 14 and he loves this trilogy so much. I read the first one and thankfully it had a satisfying ending and I wasn’t forced to continue the trilogy because the books are huge. Mason and Alex are very similar in their book habits: always reading, and only reading science fiction and fantasy.

Mason (20) recommended this one. He started off suggesting another book but changed his mind when he realized that his choice was also a trilogy and the first book ended in a cliff-hanger. THANK YOU, Mason, for changing your mind. I just got this at the library today and was not surprised that it’s over 80 pages long. Is there such a thing as a short science fiction novel?

Tom (17) recommended this book. He read it because it was in the house and I recommended it to him. So this was kind of a cheat for me and I got to cross it off the list without doing anything. Tom doesn’t read much for fun but when he does he is like me and enjoys non-fiction. This book is excellent and amazing. I really recommend it and it would make a great gift for a guy.

I’ll be back to document some of my other favorites soon if I can pry myself away from Seven Eves.