2016 Habits Update

A brief update on how my 2016 habits are going. The big habit is trying to maintain the “buy nothing new” challenge. Well……things didn’t go great in that area in January! While I did not buy myself anything new, I did end up buying a bunch of stuff for my kids, although I did try not to! I had to buy the following:

  • gym shorts for school (I looked at two Goodwill stored before buying and I didn’t not have time to shop online)
  • school supplies for the new semester
  • Lily’s birthday presents (new bedding, a new pillow, and 2 new pillow covers)
  • paint for Lily’s room

I will continue to strive for greater adherence to this challenge this month! I actually really enjoy the challenge and love how it mostly just stops me from buying stuff at all!

I also started a new journal in January to help me maintain my happiness habits. Each day I log what time I woke up, my meditation and exercise for the day, a gratitude list, and a moment of joy from the day. I didn’t manage to exercise every day but I did meditate and write my gratitude and joy moments each day. I know it’s these little habits, done with consistency, that make a big difference in our lives so I am determined to keep them going, for my own happiness and well being! On to February!