Stuff I Cooked This Week

I’m trying to get better about making this point appear on a consistent basis so I don’t lose track of things, so from now on I’m trying Tuesdays (as I post this on Wednesday. Sigh).

Shredded Chicken and Bone Broth. Whole chicken seasoned with salt and pepper, about 3-5 cups water, cooked in slow cooker for 6 hours. Chicken removed and shredded. Bones, skin, innards, and rostisserie chicken bones go back in slow cooker. Add water to close to top. Add 2 stalks celery,  onion quartered, 2 bay leaves, some carrots, and some apple cider vinegar. Cooked on low overnight and strained the next morning.
Asian Orange Chicken – I didn’t eat this. Too much sugar in the sauce and I used regular flour for frying. This is my 13 year old’s favorite dish and he had been begging for awhile so I finally made it.
Fried Egg Sandwiches – No recipe. For some reason I’ve eaten this about 5 times in the last 4 days. It’s just hitting the spot for me!It’s just two fried eggs with some raw cheddar cheese, spinach, and bacon in between. Yum.
Cobb Salad. Again, no recipe. Spinach, hard boiled eggs, bacon, avocado, rotisserie chicken, feta cheese, and homemade ranch dressing for anyone that wanted it. I also have to make my own mayo before I make ranch dressing. My basic recipe is: 3/4 cup LIGHT olive oil, 2 egg yolks, about a teaspoon of dijon mustard, half a lemon squeezed, some celery salt, and maybe a bit of garlic powder. Put in a container and blended for about 10 seconds with my immersion blender.
Chili Cheese Dip – made this with the leftover chili from last week and ate it with celery during the day for football watching. The dip was great.
Pineapple Muffins – I made these without the coconut. My 16 year old went grocery shopping for me this week and came home with a pineapple, so I used it to make muffins (making a food for my kids to eat for breakfast during the week was one of my weekly goals this week).
Blueberry Muffins. Wasn’t a huge fan. Made them for the kids but they preffered the pineapple ones.
Buffalo Chicken Dip – our favorite.
Broccoli Cheese Soup.  The kids prefer the velveeta version but too bad.
Salmon Cakes – the best part was eating the leftovers the next morning mixed with smashed up soft boiled eggs.
Fat Bombs – oh man, these are pretty yummy and addicting. I can nibble on one slowly (it’s better to let the fats melt in your mouth rather than chewing) and not be hungry again for a couple hours. I added about 4-5 drops of liquid vanilla stevia to sweeten along with the lemon extract and lemon juice. They are not overly sweet but have just a bit of sweetness to counteract the lemon.