Adjusting My Macros, Follow Up

I wrote about adjusting my macros to get me back to losing weight a few weeks ago. The big thing I was trying to do was hit my protein target every day.  I noticed that I was eating a lot more fat and not enough protein on a consistent basis and thought that may be why I wasn’t losing weight very fast. While eating a ketogenic diet is mostly about the fat, as an athlete it’s important to hit your protein goal, too.

Well, I’ve done terribly with this. Part of it was just the holiday season and not having as much mental energy to be on top of my game but part of it is just that I find it really hard! It’s harder than I thought to make this seemingly little change. Honestly, it almost NEVER happens. Yesterday I went over my protein and that was a miracle. I’m usually about 10-20 grams under where I am supposed to be (right now I am shooting for 89g per day based on the ketogains calculator).

The biggest thing getting in the way is that I only eat two meals per day. That means I need to eat almost 45g of protein in just two sittings. My normal routine is BPC in the morning (all fat), then a mid morning breakfast of the bacon/egg/sausage/broccoli variety, which has some protein but not 45g. Then I do some snacking in the early afternoon, which is usually some cheese, pecans, a carrot, macadamia nuts, or a spoonful of marscapone cheese. I eat dinner around 5:30 and that is the only time I have a reliable source of protein, whether it’s beef, fish, chicken, or pork.

I’m trying hard to eat meat in the morning for breakfast, which is usually something left over from dinner. I also broke down and ordered some protein powder. I might experiment with adding gelatin to my BPC but I haven’t ordered it yet.

Anyway, I was hoping to start losing weight a bit faster but the opposite has happened – I have been stuck for about 2 weeks at 145ish. No progress at all. So back to more closely monitoring my food, working hard on hitting my protein, and drinking lots of water. I think I am finally breaking the stall as I saw 144 on the scale today. I’m glad there was no way for me to know way back in August that in January I would still not be at my goal weight or I might not have started – it’s been 5 months this week and I’ve lost 16 pounds. BUT, I think this reminds me that the CORRECT way to look at a ketogenic diet is that it is a way of eating that maximizes how you feel primarily, with the side effect of causing slow, consistent weight loss if you have weight to lose. I’d eat this way even if I had to stay at this weight forever. There is no other way for me to feel this darn good that I’ve found.