Because I Have To

I’m sitting here staring at a blank screen because one of my daily habit goals is to write every day. But I don’t quite feel like using this blog as a diary and I don’t have time to write anything useful since it’s 5 minutes till bedtime and I still have to meditate (another daily habit goal. WHY do I wait until it’s almost bedtime to do 3 out of my 4 daily goals??)
And now my Podium Leg cycle is over so it’s really time for me to go. So…
Dear Diary,
I ran today at 1pm and it was SO hot. However, I ran sub 12 minute miles for 3 miles so even though I felt very sluggish I would like to see this as a sign that I am getting keto-adapted. I certainly felt like I was getting there yesterday – more energy, better mood, etc.
My poor kids had to run Cross Country practice from 3:20-5:00 so I shouldn’t complain about the heat.
The End