Best Podcast Episodes of August 2016

I’m starting recap posts for the best podcast episodes I listen to every month. I can recommend podcasts until the cows come home but I think it might be more effective to recommend particular episodes and why you should listen to them. Here we go:

Best Podcast Episodes:August

The Popcast Episode 155, Urban Dictionary 7. Fun, will make you laugh out loud. This podcast is such a fun treat every week. I resisted it forEVER because I am tool cool for pop culture, but once I started listening it quickly became one of my favorite podcasts. I know nothing about most current pop culture and I still find this to be a DO NOT MISS podcast in my rotation.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, Episode One: The Boy Who Lived. I’ve already talked about this one. Just listen to the first episode. Maybe it won’t be for you but I have to try to get as many people to listen to this podcast as possible. It might be my favorite podcast OF ALL TIME.

Sorta Awesome, Episode 69: Books to Keep Your Brain Busy! Loads of great book recommendations in this episode, including some I’ve already read: The Passage trilogy, A Mother’s Reckoning, and Hillbilly Elegy.

Babysitters Club Club, Episode One: Kristy’s Great Idea. Well, this is just hilarious and intelligent and perfect. In the same vein as Harry Potter and the Sacred Text, this episode explores real world ideas through the lens of children’s fiction. And it’s awesome.

The RobCast Episode 84: Richard Rohr and the Alternative Orthodoxy. This is an old episode but I listened to it this month. I love Richard Rohr. he is so wonderful, affirming, intelligent, and delightful. I want you to listen to this if you have ever been made to feel bad for being or not being a Christian, if the idea of Christian faith sounds horrible to you, if others have marginalized you for not being the “right” kind of Christian, and if you want to be affirmed in the truth that not everyone uses Christian faith as a bully pulpit or substitute for the exclusive country club.

The Mom Hour: This is Where You Belong With Melody Warnick. This episode of The Mom Hour was an interview with the author of This Is Where You Belong: The Art and Science of Loving Where You Live. I really struggle with not liking where I live so this episode really spoke to me. After I listened to it I recommended the book to some mom friends and we are going to read it together. If you struggle with not being happy in your community, give this episode a listen and see if the book might be something that would benefit you.