Books, Podcasts, and Blogs Round-Up

Stuff that’s got my attention recently:


Peter Attia returns to the Tim Ferriss show to answer listener questions. A few on ketosis.

Endurance Planet 3 part series with Zach Bitter and Jeff Volek on the FASTER study (study on low-carb endurance athletes vs high carb). Part One, Part Two, Part Three.


Philosophy for Life and Other Dangerous Situations, Jules Evans.  A must read. A great, practical, real-life exploration of how philosophy can help us in our modern lives.

Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less, Greg McKeown – Another must-read. A great book of the discipline of saying no and eliminating stuff that doesn’t matter.

Meditations, Marcus Aurelius. I’m still working on this one. I think I need to find a version with commentary because a lot of it slips by me un-absorbed. I’m reading this to begin to get a better understanding of Stoicism.

Walden, Henry David Thoreau. OK, you can hate me for saying this, but some of this book seems kind of like a big, long rant about stuff. Like, ok I get it…clothes are stupid. Let’s move on instead of saying the same stuff for 5 more pages…

On Immunity and Inoculation, Eula Bliss.This is a pleasant little book about vaccines and why they are so controversial. I’m really enjoying it.

Why Homer Matters, Adam Nicholson. Well, I’ll admit that I haven’t read Homer so I’m not sure why I wanted to read this book. I don’t think I will finish it despite it being enjoyable. It’s just not fun to read someone go on and on about how awesome some other book is when you haven’t read the other book, you know?

Better Than Before, Gretchen Rubin. I pre-ordered this one so it’s on my Kindle and ready to go (it just came out a few days ago). Yes, I BOUGHT this book! I buy MAYBE 3 books a year and when I do, it’s because I think it’s important enough to get and my library doesn’t have it. I’m a Rubin fan and love her previous books and this one should be even better. It’s on one of my favorite topics, how habits make us better. I’m really, really looking forward to reading this.


Maybe Variety Isn’t the Spice of Life – I LOVE this blog post.

Seven Ways I’m Eliminating Decision Fatigue in My Daily Life. I guess this stuff is on my mind lately…