Buy Nothing New Challenge Update

I wrote about my decision to try a Buy Nothing New Challenge a few months ago. Well, for the most part it is going well, besides the holidays! I enjoyed the challenge and found that over time I really came to see it as a moral issue. If something exists in an already-made form, I feel obligated to find it rather than purchasing a new one. It seems so wasteful to buy new versions of things that are out there in great numbers already made and looking for a new home!

I have failed in many ways, like buying a new outfit from Fabletics, almost all the Christmas presents for my family, etc. But I have found some great places to buy used as well. Here are a few:

Facebook groups are GREAT places to buy high quality used clothing. I belong or have belonged to groups for Lululemon, Athleta, Stitch Fix, Anthropologie, and others. There are even BST (buy sell trade) groups for monogrammed items by letter!

I’ve also used Poshmark for high end used clothing, bought a used car on Carvana, and of course have used Ebay.

By far my most used resource is a local BST group of women just in my county. I use this site to buy and sell stuff all the time. It’s so much better than Craigslist because it’s local to my county and it’s women-only. I’ve bought Christmas presents, clothing, furniture, and more on there and sold my fair share of things as well. If you are looking to try this challenge, I really recommend you try to find a group like this on Facebook or Varage Sale.

I’m looking forward to continuing this challenge in 2016 and becoming more strict with it. It just feels right to keep this as an ongoing goal as there really is no downside. It benefits my family finances and prevents some small amount of goods being produced wastefully for my benefit.