Buy Nothing New Challenge

I love monthly challenges like no sugar, meditate every day, exercise every day, etc. I like to use monthly challenges as tests to see how certain lifestyle changes feel. Many times I will do something for one month that later becomes a more or less permanent lifestyle change for me. I’ve done that with giving up sugar, going ketogenic, and going gluten free.

My latest curiosity isn’t food related but finance and minimalist related. For the month of August I’ve been trying to buy nothing new (besides groceries). I’ve read lots of blogs of people who did this for a year or more and it really resonates with me. I like it for a couple of reasons:

1. Saves money

2. Puts a barrier between the instinct to buy and the action – I can’t just run to Target.

3. Uses what has already been made instead of increasing production of cheap, disposable goods.

4. It’s fun to be creative and resourceful.

August is just a test so I haven’t been 100% strict but as I get more comfortable with this idea I will decide whether to continue, at which point my expectation for myself will be 100% compliance.

Here are two other places to go to explore the idea for yourself:

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