Challenges for August – Updates


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This month my primary challenge was to follow Geneen Roth’s 7 Eating Guidelines from the book Women, Food, and God. I’m doing just ok with this. I was doing very well until we went out of town for a training camp the second weekend of the month. I found it required quite a bit of effort to only eat at the table and to eat without distraction but I managed it fine. Eating in a calm environment was not possible with a toddler many days but I did the best I could.

But since the trip I’ve fallen off a bit. Things at home have been a little hectic with the long weekend away for work, then the kid returning to school (except Jack) and then Andrew going out of town for a race. I’ve found myself reading while eating or eating in the kitchen when I have a spare moment. I need to refocus for the rest of the month because I think this challenge is totally worth it.

My secondary goal was to continue my no shopping challenge from last month. Today I took my kids clothes shopping and I also bought myself a paper planner this week. The kids needed the clothes and the planner is a work expense so I don’t feel bad about either of those. Just like last month, I’m mostly trying to stop any discretionary, unplanned purchases.

I just don’t really think about shopping anymore. I used to be a huge shopper and now I would consider myself an under-buyer. I enjoy thinking about how much my attitude towards consumption has changed over the years and how people in general can change.

I’ll update again at the end of the month.