Goals This Week

Last week I did ok on my Goals board. While I kept my carbs low, I did eat sugar twice in the form of 88% dark chocolate and once in hoisin sauce (I am counting it because there was so much sugar in it that it had more carbs than my chocolate).

I became a bit de-motivated to do my strength on the weekend since I wasn’t running. It kind of deflated me and I just didn’t care as much. I did do stregnth twice on Friday, though!

I was consistent with my HRV training and did at least 5 minutes a day, and did a 20 minute session on Saturday. I think the combination of keto, exercise, and HRV training is doing great things for my mental health, energy, and creativity.

Writing every day has been a great addition to my weekly goal board. I’ve produced much more blogs for our business than in the past and I love that. I also have some work projects that nrequire mostly writing to get done in the next week so I will be writing a lot. I hope the lack of running doesn’t hurt my creativity too much this week.

Goal Board Daily List

Carbs Under 30
Cardio and Strength

-Switching the food one from “No Sugar and Under 30g Carbs” to just the 30g carbs. I’m not in the mood right now to go completely without sugar (my 88% dark chocolate is the only sugar I eat).

-Cardio and Strength is new this week instead of just strength. Gotta force myself to do something else in place of running until Wednesday.

Weekly Lists

Finish Spectating doc and FAQ.
One race plan per day for Chattanooga athletes
Email each client with thoughts on upcoming race and/or off-season

List 3 things for sale
Cook one thing kids can eat for breakfast (granola, muffins, something like that)
Go through Jack’s clothes and get rid of small summer stuff

Go to the YMCA with Andrew and put Jack in the daycare
Send Andrew a card in the mail
Write each kid a short note for lunch box or put on their steering wheel

Long Term Progress:
Call one of the following: fencing company, insulation company, or someone with a backhoe
Begin to formulate plan to Buy Nothing New and cut expenses