Before I talk about my goals for this week, I need to wave my white flag. I am exhausted, physically and mentally. The 4 days in Chattanooga were very busy and tiring: I had to give a lot of energy to my awesome athletes, take care of Jack in a more challenging environment, miss seeing everyone cross the finish line, feel pulled in too many directions, etc. Then we came home and a couple of days later Andrew went to Atlanta for 4 days so I was on my own. And we had some fights before he left so my mood was bad, I wasn’t eating, I wasn’t getting any time to myself. Blah blah blah. It’s been a rough couple of weeks and I am finally crashing. All that whining can be TL;DRed as this: I haven’t been getting any of my goals done because I am burned out and I am finally realizing I need to give myself a break.

So, this week the goals will be very light to allow me to take a breather and recharge. The kids don’t have school this week, which will be both good and bad for recharging.  I won’t have much time to myself but I will have less on the to-do list and a more relaxed schedule. And now for the carnage – my goals from last week:

This Week’s Dailies:

Meditate – I did ok with this but didn’t do it every day. 

Log Food – I did this on some day and not on others. I was eating so little, and most of it was dark chocolate if I’m being honest. I went through 1.5 bars of Endangered Species chocolate in 3 days. 

Daily Strength Training – did M-F. I’m doing pushups and situps, that’s it. 

Express Gratitude to Someone – I wrote thank you notes to all my athletes this week and ALSO actually mailed them!

This Week’s Goals:

Start a List of Coaching Goals For 2015 – NOPE
Write a Thank You/Congrats Note to Each IM Chattanooga Athlete – YES
Finish Chocolate Milk Blog – NOPE

Take Jack to Story Time – YES
Plan one activity for fall break – NOPE except a sleepover for one of my kids
Love notes for kids – Sadly, nope!

Buy new toilet – Nope
Make call about unfinished kitchen project – Nope
Bring broken table to the street for trash – YES, and the old countertops, too!

Revisit my notes from And Baby Makes Three – nope
Write Andrew a love note – nope
Find time to talk and/or walk together – Yes, did this yesterday and it mostly was kind of ok. 

The Daily List:
Strength Training
30 Minutes Alone

This Week’s Goals

Work on getting caught up on reading goal by finishing two books
Find time for myself every day this week
Check email only twice per day

Take that damn bag to Goodwill already!
Find someone to finish kitchen project
Clean downstairs bathroom

Family and Marriage:
One family activity over Fall Break
Write Andrew a love note
Trip to library

Finish chocolate milk blog
Print out bank statements
Have business meeting (UGH)