Half Marathon Race Report

Well, I did it. I ran an actual race that I had prepared for. It was mostly fun and I enjoyed being out there again. I do have lots of mixed feelings about it in general, but as far as my time and effort, I think I did well. Here is a rundown:

Decisions I made prior to the race:
a. use my phone’s GPS instead of switching to a Garmin. I’ve been using my phone so I decided to stick with that.
b. One packet of UCAN before the race and one tiny caramel stored away in a pocket in case I wanted sugar at some point.

Race Recap:

The race didn’t start until almost 11AM, so I slept as late as possible (7am) and had my BPC with 2 Tbs butter and 2Tbs MCT oil for extra fuel. Had UCAN in the hour before the race.
Miles 1 and 2 I ran too fast. I think the first was 9:38 but I was with the 2:15 pacer so I assumed we were running slower than that. I guess he just wasn’t the best pacer, which explains why he had NOBODY with him when he finished.

Hilly section went from mile 2-3 and was pretty challenging but I ran all the hills. At mile 3 I decided to run my GPS off and run blind. It was slightly off from the mile markers and it loudly tells me my time and pace each mile, which I found embarrassing.

Miles 4-10 when by really fast and I found myself really enjoying the race and wishing it wouldn’t go by so quickly. Had water at every aid station, which was about every 1.5 miles.

Miles 10-13 proved to be increasingly difficult. I was pushing a much faster overall pace than anything I had done in training and I think, in hindsight, that mile 10 or 11 would have been a good place to have some additional fuel. I never felt BAD, but I did feel like I wanted the race to be over – I was struggling.

My finish time was 2:13:31, about a 10:12 pace. My fastest pace for a long run in training up until this point had been 10:24, which I had done the week before, which was also about 15 seconds faster per mile than my previous best long run pace. I am clearly improving and feeling more comfortable pushing the pace a bit. I think what I am most happy about is that I beat my time from my totally untrained half marathon from 2.5 years ago by about 10 minutes. That’s not a lot, but it’s enough to make me feel ok about where I am, being 10 pounds heavier and just not back into decent shape yet. And not using carbs.

Legs were very sore that day but I used the Podium Legs for 30 minutes and the next day they felt fine.

The biggest negatives where my thoughts. My ego is a little bruised that I am a coach and am slower than all my athletes. It’s hard to race and let everyone see how slow I am but I will continue to work through these feelings and not let them influence me.