January Books

Now that I am reading more fiction I find that I am reading WAY more. It’s so easy to breeze through a fiction book. Nonfiction, unless it’s a memoir, just takes more time and isn’t something I’m ever going to find myself reading when I should be doing other things like eating and sleeping.

So January – I read 15 books! That is a lot for me. A lot of it was YA fiction, but I did read (and also started and am still working on) some good non-fiction, too. I don’t feel like putting them all in the post. You can see them all here. For today, here are the very best three books I read in January:

Best Young Adult Fiction: The Royal We. Yes, I read The Sun Is Also A Star this month, which EVERYONE seems to think is just amazing, but I thought The Royal We was way more fun. Yes, it was longer than it should have been. But it was nothing but sweet and escapist and a FUN to read. Other YA books I read in January that are worth recommending: Mosquitoland, Tell Me Three Things, and The Geography of You and Me. 

Best Nonfiction. You even have to ask? The Undoing Project by Michael Lewis. Read my thoughts about it here and here. Other good non-fiction I read in January include Love Hurts, Lab Girl, and The Case Against Sugar.




  • Sasha Speck

    Love The Royal We, and especially love The Sun Is Also a Star!! Fiction is fun! Good reads, Jess!!