Marathon Training – My First Two Weeks

I signed up for the New Orleans Rock and Roll Marathon. It’s not until the end of January but I am starting not just from zero but from, like, negative 300 or something. I haven’t run a single step since (I’m looking this up) July 15, 2013. Almost exactly one year ago, when I was about 6 or 7 weeks pregnant. And if you know me at all, you know that when I am pregnant I gain a shit-ton of weight. I stopped weighing myself at 20 weeks, at which point I had already gained roughly 25-30 pounds. I am still 20-30 pounds above my pre-pregnancy weight (this is a total guess since I am still not weighing myself) so here is the math:

no running for 50 weeks +
20-30 pounds of extra weight +
sleep deprivation from having an almost 4 month old

The good news is I am running again and I am losing weight. I’m eating pretty darn good and things will get better if I just keep truckin’. So here is my recap of first 2 weeks back to running on my journey to a marathon in January.

Week One: Baby Jack is 15 weeks old and I am finally sick of myself enough to go on that first run. It ended up being way more horrendous than I thought it would be. I made it 8 agonizing, horrifying minutes before I had to walk but I struggle on for a total of 2 miles. I realize that 2 miles is too much and decide for the rest of the week I am not allowed to run more than 1 mile at a time but I will try to run every day (consistency over mileage).
I then run 4 more times during the week, 1 mile only. Missed 2 days in a row when we were in Chattanooga, but I did at least walk a lot both days.

Week Two: I decide I will run a minimum of 1 mile and a maximum of 2 miles total per workout, still aiming to run every day. I skipped one day due to a complete meltdown from exhaustion (Jack’s apparent 4 month sleep regression had arrived). I also experimented with run/walk intervals of 8/2 for most of this week. On that last day of the week I ran the entire 2 miles non-stop. This week I also finally started running with Jack in his fancy Mountain Buggy jogging stroller. He seems to like it!

Did I mention that I am running 12:20 miles? Did I mention that I only have one running skirt and one running bra that fit me right now? Did I mention that it’s the middle of summer in the South? But it could be worse – I could still be back on Day One. Instead, I am starting my third week and just barely starting to feel a tiny bit better when I am out there. It’s progress!