Marathon Training Week 27

I took a MUCH needed recovery week this week. I was so trashed from last week’s 17 miler that I felt I had no choice but to take it easy this week. Since it was Christmas week and we did some traveling, it was a great time to slow down a bit.

I wore my Merrell Bare Access shoes for every run this week in order to help my feet recover and to try to get more used to them. Worked out well. My feet were swollen for 2 days after my long run last week and I didn’t want to get near my Pave Gloves. I also very thankfully did not have to run into the woods during my long run this week. The only thing I did differently was replace the MCT oil in my coffee with coconut oil. I will certainly be repeating that on run days from now on!

Total mileage was 23 miles. Long run was 9.6, which felt great. I love being fit enough that an almost 10 mile run feels easy. I’ve worked hard to get here!

I am close to making a decision about races. I have some ideas I am pondering, mostly involving doing a marathon and then an ultra shortly after. Nothing else to report – just hoping I have a good week back at high mileage (for me) again.