Mardi Gras Marathon Training Update: Weeks 25-26 (I think)

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. Last week was pretty good. I ran 37 miles and felt pretty good for most of it and had a good 15 mile long run. But then this week was a totally different story. My plan was to stick with 37 miles again but it didn’t come easy. I was feeling a little run down all week (got my period, was afraid at one point I might be getting sick, took 2 naps, hurt my ankle on a medium distance run). That smart voice in my head kept telling me it was ok to back off but I wouldn’t listen. And then the long run happened. The route I mapped out was 17.3 miles, but it was a great route so I chose to do it even though my long runs the last month or so have been 14, 13 (race), 15. Clearly I was not ready for 17, even if my weekly mileage would be the same as the week before.

I suffered. A lot. My poor feet were sore by mile 10 and just got worse. They seem to be my weakest link right now due to the very minimal Merrell Pace Gloves I’m wearing. I’m determined to find something in-between my Pace Gloves and the Bare Access for my long runs. The Bare Access feel too clunky for me but the Gloves don’t give any cushion at ALL.

OK, back to the long run. This was the second week in a row I had to run into the woods TWICE during my long run. I thought last week it was because I had 30g of MCT oil in my coffee instead of my normal 15g. This week I backed it down to 15g but had the same problem. Also, this week I took 15g of MCT with me and drank it at mile 11. I was in the woods 2 miles later. So that doesn’t seem like it’s going to work for me. I also had a hard candy this week, at mile 13, right after my 2nd trip to the woods. I couldn’t really tell if it made any difference as the route from that point was all flat or slightly downhill. And it’s not really my energy level that’s the problem – it’s my feet.

When I got home I was worthless. I was SO sore and just felt terrible. Definitely the worst I have felt in a long, long time. I got my 37 miles in, but it certainly wasn’t the most productive. Some things that need to change:
my shoes
my nutrition before a run – I’m going back to coconut oil to see what happens and NO magnesium the day before long runs
my nutrition during – just because I don’t NEED to eat doesn’t mean I shouldn’t. Going to buy some BCAA and continue to experiment with various ideas.

I’ve clearly gotten the message that I need a recovery week and since it’s Christmas week and we are going out of town for a few days, it’s a good time to relax. Hopefully I’ll get about 20 miles in and have time to do some shoe shopping!