Moments of Joy


A few months ago I read something by Elizabeth Gilbert about writing a daily moment of joy on a scrap of paper and putting it into a “Joy Jar”. I adopted that idea in my journal and every day write one moment of joy. They are never momentous things. They are every-day moments like watching deer in the backyard or getting done with an audiobook and having 2 weeks of podcasts waiting to be heard or seeing Jack play with his grandparents. These are the moments that make life literally joyful, and they happen EVERY DAY.

Now more than ever I am reminded that these daily moments are important to hold on to as a kind of grounding in optimism. Life is full of opportunities to be present and mindful of joy yet until I started this journaling practice I was blind to them. With this simple practice I have had my eyes opened to a world I am living but which can so easily stay invisible, not brought into awareness and appreciated as they are happening. Knowing that I will have to write down one moment of joy every night, I am now watching for them and aware of them AS THEY HAPPEN. And that is a wonderful gift.