My Ketosis Expiriment Part 4 – Long-Term Outlook

Now that I am almost one year into ketosis, it’s time to think about if and how I want to continue. When I think back to the times in my life when I felt the healthiest, it wasn’t when I was in ketosis. It was when I was strict paleo and was doing a lot of kettlebell and HIIT training. But that isn’t enough reason for me to switch over to paleo. The big reason why I don’t want to stop ketosis is how wonderful it is to live without carb cravings. That doesn’t happen for me on paleo, just keto.

Of course I am still MOSTLY paleo, although I guess it’s more primal blueprint than paleo. I eat lots of dairy, including cheese, heavy cream, butter, and cream cheese. But I don’t eat grains or legumes and of course I stay away from processed foods. I love dairy and I just don’t feel like eliminating it, so I am not in a place to switch to strict paleo. But as I already said, the main reason why I am sticking mostly with ketosis is the lack of cravings. That means more to me than how I felt when on paleo, I guess partly because of the cravings and partly because I don’t think strict paleo is sustainable for me over long periods of time like keto is.

In my last post, I mentioned that I was experimenting with Carb-Nite and I am still doing that. Once per week I eat high carb for a 6-8 hour window in the afternoon. This continues to work well for me for a couple reasons:

1. I love baking and each week I try a new recipe and really enjoy this time.

2. It helps me stay strict during the rest of the week.

3. Getting right back to keto after a carb-up means I don’t think about my cheat day all week like I’ve done in the past.

4. I think it MAY be helping with my skin and hair but I really can’t tell for sure.

Now, the problem is I’m not weighing myself so I really don’t know if Carb-Nite is making me gain weight and I don’t really want to know right now. I’m just not in a place where I can step on a scale and feel ok about it so I’m not going to do it. Also,  I let my diet slide a bit for a few weeks where I was probably slipping from keto into low-carb, maybe eating 50g of carbs per day instead of 20-30. But that phase seems to have passed and I am back on track.

I’ve also stopped running. I just hit a wall and stopped. It’s been about 2 weeks. I really think that I needed a break in my schedule and to slow down a little. I’m still lifting, though. I’ve switched from StrongLifts 5×5 to Strong Curves, which is a physique-based program for women. It’s got a lot more variety than SL5x5 and is not strictly a strength-based program. I’m still lifting heavy on squats, deadlifts, and presses, but with other stuff mixed in. This week I am also adding in some HIIT sessions on my off days from lifting, but nothing more than about 15 minutes. I’m curious to see what changes I see in my body while following this program.

My depression is slowly getting better. Much slower than I would like but I am moving in the right direction. There isn’t much I can do but wait.

So in conclusion, I am good where I am with ketosis – 6 days keto, 1 day carb-up. I’m going to stick here unless a problem arises. I’m going to continue strength training 3-4 days per week with a couple of HIIT sessions until I feel like running again.