My New Favorite Podcast

Fair warning: I will gush in the post.  I am really and truly and madly in LOVE with this new podcast I discovered through a Facebook group I am in. Never have I found a podcast that so perfectly combines things that I love in such a joyful, creative, and inspiring way. It makes me laugh, it makes me cry, and I eat up every last word. Ready for it? It’s called Harry Potter and the Sacred Text.

From the description:  

What if we read the books we love as if they were sacred texts? What would we learn? How might they change us? Harry Potter and the Sacred Text is a weekly podcast reading Harry Potter, the best-selling series of all time, as if it was a sacred text. Just as Christians read the Bible, Jews the Torah and Muslims read the Quran, we are embarking on a 199-episode journey (one chapter an episode, to be released weekly) to glean what wisdom and meaning we can make from J.K. Rowling’s beloved novels. We will read Harry Potter, not just as novels, but as instructive and inspirational texts that will teach us about our own lives.

Each episode has a theme, such as loneliness or commitment, that is explored through the chapter being read that week. It is simply amazing to think of Chapter One of Sorcerer’s Stone in the context of commitment and how the Dursleys demonstrate commitment to each other and to normalcy and to their son. Or Chapter Two (the zoo) through the lens of loneliness, with Harry and the snake both live in captivity and this very possibly being Harry’s first meaningful encounter with ANY person or creature since his parents died.  I can’t even! Ahhh! It is so perfect and delicious and intellectual and thoughtful! I love theology and religion, I absolutely LOVE Harry Potter, and I love the sincere and spiritual approach the two hosts bring to these topics.

Speaking of the hosts, they are both graduates of Harvard Divinity School working as spiritual leaders to non-religious folks. Um, that’s a thing. And I love that that’s a thing. I want to do that thing! I love that thing! But for now I will just continue to listen to these wonderful folks talk through 199 chapters of Happy Potter in their truly magical way.

I am so grateful for imaginative, creative, intelligent people for creating their masterpieces. This brings me so much JOY JOY JOY!