No shopping challenge, continued: new rules

noshopping (1)

As July ends and August begins, I’m perfectly happy to continue my “no shopping” challenge from last month, but with soem changes to reflect what I learned in July. Here is what I intent to do:

Needs are allowed, but every effort must be made to purchase used. I can buy new light bulbs, but if I need shoes or the kids need a lunchbox, I try ebay or Craigslist first.

Wants are allowed if I sell an existing possession to pay for it (sell a book to buy a book, consign clothes to buy clothes, etc).

Eating out is allowed if it’s for a date or the whole family participates (this only happens a couple of times per year!).

I’ll report back again at the end of August along with my new challenge for August, which I will talk about next time.