No Spending Month

one month

We have some financial things that will be changing in the next year so I decided to try a No Spending month in July to start setting aside a few extra dollars here and there for the things we are planning. The rules are simple: no spending money on anything discretionary. I can buy groceries but nothing extra like clothing, toys, eating out, or any shopping at all! It’s been 10 days and so far my failures are a $2.00 cup of coffee when I needed to work and the library wasn’t open yet and a potty chair for Jack so we could explore potty training him. We were also out of town for a few days and we bought some grocery items at Publix that weren’t necessary (protein bars).

So far the most difficult part has been not eating out. I can’t take Jack to play at Chik-Fil-A if it’s raining or get myself a coffee at Starbucks when I want to work (I really do miss my Americanos with steamed heavy cream). But these are minor issues and overall the challenge hasn’t been a hardship. I’m very curious to see what our budget looks like at the end of the month without any extra spending!

And by the way, one of my goals for 2016 was to not buy anything new. I haven’t been 100% strict with this but I have done very, very well. I might run into trouble later in the year due to the changes I mentioned in the opening paragraph, but I committed to buying used whenever it is possible and practical. I really love this rule because it automatically eliminates any impulse shopping I might do at Target or anywhere else. This July challenge is just stepping it up a bit an eliminating ALL spending, whether new or used.