Quote of the Day

Whenever you find yourself on the side of the majority, it is time to pause and reflect.

This was the quote of the day in my Five Minute Journal and I can’t think of a quote that more precisely captures my worldview. I’m always questioning things, always assuming that the way everyone else does things and the way everyone else thinks is wrong and some deeper truth is hidden underneath common knowledge. I remember reading a prompt in a Peter Theil book that goes like this:

“Tell me something that’s true but that almost nobody agrees with you on”.

I LOVE this and I can think of a million answers. I think the food pyramid and American dietary common knowledge is completely wrong and has been since the 1980s. I believe there is a down side to early detection of some forms of cancer. I believe that possessions and consumerism make people unhappy. I don’t believe in helping my kids with their homework or logging into a computer system to keep track of their grades. I believe that psychedelic drugs should be legal to use under the care of a therapist. I believe that we should all be trying to prove ourselves wrong instead of proving ourselves right.

Those are just some of my answers. Reading is always teaching me the truth hidden from common knowledge on all sorts of topics, and I will never stop being fascinated with vocal and passionate minorities. Coming soon, I’ll post a list of books that helped me change my mind or see a truth that most people don’t believe.