The down side of recipe blogs

I can resist everything except temptation.

I subscribe to a bunch of low-carb recipe blogs and I love them. Recently I stopped using my blog reader (Feedly) as much as I had in the past, so I decided to “Like” a lot of these recipe blogs on Facebook to keep up with them. At the time it seemed like a great idea because it helped change the tone of my Facebook feed to be more informative and enjoyable, which is really valuable in an election year!

But a few weeks into this new system I noticed that I was baking more sugar-free goodies and feeling lots of sugar cravings. I finally realized it’s because I was seeing all these desserts pop up in my Facebook feed all day long! Unfortunately, most low carb recipe blogs know that the most popular recipes are the desserts, so that’s what they push the most on Facebook. Every time I got on Facebook I was see pictures of cakes, cookies, bars, and other yummy goodies!

The number one rule of minimalism and intentional living is this: reduce exposure to media as much as possible. Resisting temptation is much easier when you aren’t exposing yourself to them! I use an ad blocker on Facebook so I don’t see any paid ads. What I never considered was that the blogs I followed on Facebook could influence my decision making in a negative way just like an advertisement would. As much as I love these blogs and use them when I want to bake something or try a new dinner recipe, I decided it was best for me to Unfollow them on Facebook to save myself from the exposure to sweets and desserts. If I’m not seeing pictures of cake all day long,  I will think about cake a whole lot less. It’s one of those obvious lessons in living a better life; you have to make it easy to make the right decisions. Seeing delicious desserts all day long made it much harder for me to make the decisions I wanted to make about healthy eating. Lesson learned.