The Loop

I did the loop today. As I wrote about before, the shortest route we have to run from our house is a 5.2 mile loop (5.4 from the beginning of our driveway).  I’ve been “looking forward to” the day when I would be ready to run the loop and this week I anticipated my long run would be 5.5 miles.

I have only run the loop once before and that was last year in June when I was a few days away from finding out I was pregnant. I ran the 5.2 in 54:52 (10:33 pace) and noted in my training log that I had to walk ONE hill and that it was a terrible run. Today I ran the loop and had to walk numerous times up numerous hills. My pace was 12:10 or so. So yeah….a lot slower. While I am happy to have hit this milestone, it is a little bit of a bummer how out of shape I am.

On the run today I had to ponder just how much slower it’s taking me to get back into shape now than it did last Spring. I had some fitness in me a year ago since I was still teaching Boot Camp and riding with the group, plus I weighed 20 pounds less but I sure didn’t feel like I was in shape at the time. However, when I decided to get back into shape by following a simple triathlon training program (which I began on June 20, 2013), I got back up to running the 11 mile Canal Loop at Land Between the Lakes within about 6 weeks! Not to mention the improvements I saw in cycling and swimming.

Now here I am 9 weeks into training again and happy to have run 5.5 miles at a 12:10 pace. Haha! I probably haven’t been this out of shape in a decade but at least I am working my way out of this hole. Having a goal that means something and that requires a good amount of physical and mental energy is really a blessing. Life just isn’t quite as interesting when you cross the finish line.