Training Recap Week 6

I have run 22 days in a row – at least one mile per day. Managed to keep the streak going through the weekend in Chattanooga during our training camp.
Also stretched my long run to 4 miles. Had decent weather this week so I was able to front-load the week with higher miles so I could just worry about squeezing in one mile on the days I was working in Chattanooga.

Everything feels good. It’s been 6 weeks since I started exercising again so I think it’s time to slowly move into the next phase of training. By 8 weeks I anticipate being a more formal training schedule and will also be getting a new GPS watch and some new sneakers. I am still running in my 2 year old Nikes that aren’t even running shoes – just a minimal every-day shoe I can buy for 55.00 at any shoe store. I am also going to be experimenting (again) with fat-adapted training so this week I will begin logging my food on My Fitness Pal to monitor carbohydrate intake.

One thing that happened this weekend that has lit a fire under me was seeing myself in full length mirrors all damn weekend. I don’t have one in my house (best decision ever) but they are everywhere at the hotel (in front of each elevator and in the room as you exit the bathroom), so I saw myself all the time and I wasn’t too thrilled with that. I didn’t think I was as fat as I am. But at least now I know and can work a bit harder on the weight loss. I’m debating whether it would be in my best interest to get on the scale. It’s been about 41 weeks since I stepped on a scale and I had planned to lose all my baby weight without the stress of seeing those numbers on the scale but now I am wondering if that is helping me be a bit lazy when I could be losing the weight faster if I was monitoring it closer. The debate goes from “you can’t change what you don’t measure” to “I am a crazy person and I know that weighing myself will cause stress and an unhealthy focus on weight loss”. OK, I think I just talked myself into staying off the scale for awhile longer. It’s not worth it. I’ll just log my food instead and hope that is enough to see some noticeable change.

Lastly, Andrew and I started a habit calendar 3 weeks ago. We list 3-4 habits we want to encourage that week on a white board and mark it off as we do it. My three things have been run, strength, and meditate, all of which I wanted to do every day of the week. Andrew’s were run, strength, meditate, and read but he is more moderate with his targets and aims for 3-5 days per week of each. We take a picture of the board at the end of each week and then erase it and start over. I really like sharing the board with Andrew as it encourages us both to work on our daily rituals and it’s fun to mark stuff off every day.