Training Recap – Week #7

What a week! It was full of new challenges:

1. I bumped up my mileage. I had been at 15 miles for the past 2 weeks and went up to 18.5 this week.

2. I got new shoes and have accepted that my old shoes are no longer being made. I am now running alternate days in Newtons and my old Nikes that I have worn for a couple of years now and love.

3. I started eating high carb/low fat again so I am struggling with perceived exertion now that my carbs are hovering around 50g a day.

I had a long run of 4.5 mile early in the week and it, like most of my runs this week, was a challenge. Not only am I fat-adapting again but the weather was tough. This week will have some cooler days so I hope to get in my long run then.

ALSO, I hit 30 days of running today (Monday) and I am ending my streak now so I don’t get attached to it. I think the 30 days of running was a great way for me to get back into running and exercising, but it’s time to move on. After much thought it finally hit me today as completely obvious what my plan will be for the marathon and it’s super-simple. I will be doing nothing but building an aerobic base. Why? Because this is only my first race back after many years of being out of the racing mindset. This is a starting point for me so I need to treat it as a beginning, not an end. When I am done with this marathon I want to have a strong aerobic base to move on to Phase 2, whatever I decide that should be. If I try to follow a marathon training plan that is too advanced, I might sideline myself. Plus I want to prove that I have the patience to do this right, with a long-term mindset of health, strength, and continual improvement.

What this means for me right now is that starting with my next run I have to slow down. No more moderate intensity for me and of course that is going to suck, but being a coach has given me the perspective to see what happens when you don’t have the patience to do things right and when you drive and competitiveness work against you. I want to be a good example to my athletes. My plan is still developing but I think I will settle into 4-5 days per week of running and fill in the other days with cross-training. Not really interested in taking days off as that hasn’t ever worked well for me. Hopefully I will have this more mapped out by next week.

Goals for this week:
don’t run at least one day this week
try the loop – the shortest loop I can run from my house is 5.2 miles. I have been waiting 7 weeks to be able to NOT do an out and back run!
Decide on testing protocol to establish zones – heart rate or pace and when/where to test

Looking forward to another week!