Training Week #14 Recap

What a week. We were in Chattanooga from Thursday until today (Monday) and I just decided to go with the flow instead of stressing about getting my runs in. I ran twice, Thursday and Saturday. One run was about 2.4 miles and the other 2.7.  They were both nice downtown runs, with the second going over two of the bridges.

I had the hardest time eating enough while away. I brought two batches of fat bombs assuming we would have an in-room fridge but we didn’t. I tried to keep the fat bombs frozen with ice but within 1 day they were melted – what a waste! Today I didn’t eat at all until we arrived home (1pm) because I honestly just didn’t feel like yet another restaurant meal with the baby. Combined with two very spaced out meals yesterday and not enough fat and I was in pretty bad shape mentally and physically. I’m tired and cranky want to go to bed but it’s only 4pm!

Wah wah wah. So other than missing a run on Saturday I did ok this week. My foot continues to improve. I walked miles and miles and miles on it in Chattanooga (all in my Merrell Pace Gloves) and occasionally had problems under my second toe but other than that it felt great. Maybe this week I can start running longer distances again.

My training goals this week are to relax and to run more. That’s it. I just want to get back into a healthy routine again.