Training Week #3 Recap

It was a good week. The high was getting in my first 3 mile run AND it was my first “I love this. I could go forever” run since I started running again. That was a great feeling and really motivating. I can’t wait to feel that way on a real long run, like a nice 20 miler in great weather…ahhh….

The low was my crappy 1.1 mile run in Pigeon Forge in the evening after a full day of walking around Dollywood. That was just as bad as it sounds, although I was proud for getting it done! And then the next day I took the kids on a 2.5 mile hike (with Jack in a carrier on my chest) and we got caught in a downpour that lasted for the last mile or so of our hike. That meant I missed that day of running because I didn’t do it in the morning and I couldn’t do it in the evening because my shoes were soaked. So my (unstated) goal of running every day of the week so far has not happened.

My mileage was 11.1 miles. Only one run with Jack in the stroller and it was a short one because he cried.

I’ve noticed some things about running in my neck of the woods. I live in the country but just barely. My road is suburban enough that it has yellow lines down the middle but country enough that people ignore them when going around turns because they assume nobody is coming in the other direction. I don’t have shoulders and I don’t have sidewalks so I have to be mindful and make sure cars see me. Also, since it’s the country there aren’t a lot of people out walking and running (although my street gets a good amount of cyclists).

What I do to make myself seen and to get my neighbors used to seeing runners is to simply wave at everyone as they pass me. It’s hard to be annoyed at someone who waves at you. But what I have sadly noticed is that the guys always wave back and the girls are only about 50/50. Also, the female drivers are much more likely to not give me plenty of room, to not slow down, and to be talking on a phone and just half-paying attention to the road. I find this all really annoying and sad.