Training Week #4 Recap

I finally got to my goal of 7 days of running but I am not sure it did me much good. I wasn’t able to do a long run this week due to fatigue from running 2 miles just about every day (one day was less and one day was more but the rest were all 2 miles).  This coming week I need to force myself to have lower volume days (it just sucks to have to go down to 1 mile again) so I can bump up from my long run of 3.
I also didn’t have any great runs like I had last week. Those special magic runs are elusive. But at least I did run 7 days. Let’s see how long I can keep the steak going.
Mileage went from 11.1 last week to 14 this week.
I am losing weight still, I think. Andrew bought me some new pajama pants this week and they were a Medium and fit perfectly. But I have felt bloated and puffy, too. And craving some weird stuff like potato chips that I never eat.
Thinking of what I want/need to get back into serious running: shoes, another sports bra that fits, a GPS watch. Maybe after 6 weeks of training I’ll start to spend some money.
This week I want to run 7 days and manage a decent long run of 3 or more miles.