Training Week #5 Recap

Another 7 days of running – that makes 15 days in a row and 32 out of the last 36 days! I’m pleased with that and definitely feel that running every day is much easier mentally than running 3 or 4x a week and having the “freedom” to decide from day to day whether to run or not.
I had a few highlights this week:

1. I can wear my Medium running skirts now so I now have 3 bottoms I can wear instead of 1. I’ve noticed that the legs of the shorts under the skirt ride up if the size is too big and that’s happening with my Large skirt so I may have to make that a walk-around skirt soon and retire it from the running rotation.

2. I had my first run with a pace that started with a 10:xx. It was only a 1.2 mile run but it was the last one of the week and in the afternoon heat after I spent the day outside at a race. Also had used our new Podium Legs for the first time the night before.

3. Managed to bump up the mileage of my long run to 3.5 miles due to correcting the issue from last week. I made sure I had short runs and long runs this week and that allowed me to get in a 3 miler AND a 3.5 miler (the cooler weather helped a lot as well).

4. Mileage went up to 15 miles.

I’m struggling with music. I love running with music but I don’t NEED music to run. The problem I don’t really get into music unless I am running and I haven’t done much running the last few years so all my music is old. I’ve spent the last 1.5 years purposely not listening to the radio (I like to avoid advertising if possible and am too cheap to pay for XM) so I only listen to podcasts in the car. I also don’t have time to browse iTunes since I have a baby so I have tired using Pandora. I find it really annoying, though, to not know from song to song if I’m going to be assaulted by Britney Spears and it messes with my running mojo. Pretty much the opposite of what music should do for exercise.

And now it’s time for my Monday morning run…until next week.