Training Week #8 Recap

Well, you already know that running was rough for me this week since I accidentally gave up caffeine Tuesday-Saturday while also keto-adapting. But it ended on a surprising good note. I felt much better on Saturday (even without caffeine) and had a decent run. I felt good on Sunday, too, which allowed me to get to 19 miles for the week!

I had a long run of 5 miles (longest run to date) on Tuesday. It was slow as heck but I got it done. My pace has shot up by about 1 minute per MILE now that I have to stick to strictly aerobic running (until I become much more fat adapted I will have to stay totally aerobic). I was starting to get runs in the 10:xx range and now I am back to 12:10-12:30. I know that if I stick with it those paces will keep dropping, so I’m not too preoccupied with the numbers.

Also, I weighed myself this week. I know I said I was going to wait a bit longer but I felt like it was needed to make sure I was getting my macro ratios correct. I was prepared to see about 165 on the scale and it was 160.4. That translates to about 20 pounds to go to where I was when I got pregnant and 25 to go to be where I like to be. I was happy that the scale didn’t mess with my head much as that was my biggest concern. There has never been a doubt in my mind that I will lose all my pregnancy weight so there isn’t anything to get emotional about – it’s just a matter of time. In the past when I had to lose weight I would go through a long denial phase where I avoided the scale and tried to pretend I hadn’t gained much weight and that feels a lot different emotionally than where I am now.

My goals this week:
Run 5-6 days
1 bike
Reach for 20 miles if it feels right
Try the loop if I am feeling good (wasn’t able to do this last week)