Training Week Recap #10

This was a tough, tough week. I’m not getting decent sleep, which is Major Problem #1. Jack has slept pretty horribly this week and we have had more stress to deal with in the house as well. Friday night was the worst – I don’t think I slept longer than 2.5 hours at a stretch the whole night, between picking up Tom from band at 12:30 in the morning to Jack sleeping in his crib and spitting his pacifier out every hour or so…ugh. Or maybe is was earlier in the week where Jack cried until 11pm and I spent the night sleeping on the couch while trying to pacify him in the swing, outside, etc.

Not that this should be surprising, but when you have sick kids at home, a baby that isn’t sleeping well, a kid that is grounded, major stressful kid-related decisions to make, a cross country meet and a band event back to back, trying to run 20 miles, a husband who is sleeping worse than you, and miserable heat and humidity, YOU TEND TO FEEL RUN DOWN! And boy did I feel run down. So much so that I took my first day off from exercise since July 2nd yesterday (Saturday). I was so tired from the night before and then being on the go from 5:45AM-2PM that I just sat on the couch watching football for the rest of the day. Plus it was storming.

BUT BUT BUT, I did get my 20 miles in. BUT I gained weight this week and I am not sure yet if this is a temporary hormonal issue or something else, but we shall see what happens this week. If I feel like keto isn’t cutting it, I am happy to bump my carbs up to 50-100 and see what happens. I’ll still be plenty fat-adapted at that range. Keto has to be working on all levels to make it worth it – mentally, physically, etc. While I certainly enjoy eating all the fat and dairy stuff, I can go back to high fat/low carb paleo, too. I just don’t want to do keto paleo as it’s way too hard without dairy fat.

This week I will probably stick with 20 miles again, since my body is struggling a bit with the mileage and I am in no hurry to bump it up and rush things. If I can get more sleep I hope I will absorb the training better and be able to move up in mileage next week.