Training Week Recap #11

This was not the best but not the worst week. I’ll bullet point the good and bad:

  • Had a great long run this week thanks to cooler weather. Ran 6 miles a full MINUTE per mile faster than the same distance last week! It was first thing in the morning after one cup of bulletproof coffee and my energy level was great.
  • Stuck with 20 miles this week just like I was hoping too.
  • Am seeing my pace slowly, slowly creep back down as I get more keto adapted and the weather is slightly improved.


  • My foot. My foot. My foot. Ever since I had a stress fracture in my foot back in 2008-9 (can’t remember exactly), I have had trouble with foot pain when I try to start running longer distances again. When I had the initial injury, it was caused by a sharp increase in miles, running a half marathon I wasn’t trained for, changing my stride, and running in Newtons. I haven’t run in Newtons since then but just recently decided to give them another shot. Well, here I am about 3 weeks later with pain in my foot so they are never going on my feet ever again! Never ever! I just ordered 2 pairs of zero drop Merrells that should arrive in the mail today. One of them has a 14mm sole and the other is 6mm, I think. I also saw a woman wearing Nikes that looked like exactly what I want to replace my current 2 year old pair that is literally falling apart this past weekend. She told me she found them at the Nike outlet so I will be heading there this week.
  • I’m still not losing weight so it’s time to make some adjustments. I’m no longer nursing Jack at all so my calories need to go down and I need to be a bit more pure with the foods I choose to eat. I felt great when I was doing strict Paleo, although I wasn’t weighing myself at all. I still feel good (my brain does well on keto and I tend to have more energy) but I think all the cheese and a lack of veggies weighs me down a bit. Gonna focus on eating more veggies this week. 

Since my foot was bothering me this week, I stuck with 20 miles for the third week in a row. While on my long run I had a sharp pain in my foot at mile 2 and my first thought was that I had suddenly for sure gotten a stress fracture as I had to stop running. But it quickly subsided and I was able to finish the run just fine. My best guess at this point is that I am prone to have soreness and inflammation there and I have to manage it wisely but that the pain is not necessarily from the bone. I will continue to be cautious this week and may stay at 20 miles yet again if it seems the right thing to do.

I added a page to my weight spreadsheet to log my running. One thing I decided to do was calculate my average pace for the week to help me see improvements over time rather than day to day. I was hoping to find some motivation there but it wasn’t as black and white as I thought. It’s got to have more to do with the weather at this point than my diet.

Goals for this week:
Stay smart with the foot and see improvement in how it feels.
Try to find new Nikes and try both Merrells.
Run first thing in the morning when possible.
Go to yoga class with my husband one time this week.