Training Week Recap 1/12/15-1/18/15

Things didn’t go how I had hoped this week. I took it easy as I said I would but it didn’t result in feeling any better. I’m pretty sure there are four main factors:

1. My period. The one time I tested my blood during my period I was only at .5mmol and that was in the evening. I’m pretty sure I didn’t spend much time in ketosis for about 4-5 days and I felt it on my runs, especially Saturday, I felt so bonky that I only made it 4.7 miles.  I had forgotten what that feels like!

2. Stress. Lots of life stress this week that just took up so much of my mental energy that I had nothing left for running.

3. Adjusting my diet. The changes I am making in diet to include more protein and reduce fat has taken some time to perfect and one result has been that I am not eating as much as I was previously.

4. Motivation. It’s hard to get out there for 3 hours of slogging around on a Sunday morning if I don’t know what I’m doing it for. I’ve GOT to get my act together and pick a goal race. I promise to do that this week. Also, the weather finally got the best of me this week. I was SO tired of running in the gloomy, gray, cold weather.

My weekly mileage was a measly 27 miles. Longest run was 8.4 miles. Oh well. A new week has begun and things will get better.