Training Week Recap – 1/19-1/25

I had a good week and it was much needed. All my runs felt good, I felt totally fine and unaffected by my long run (13.5) instead of tired and worn out, and I finally got under 140 pounds (and am staying under).

I wish I could have gotten to 40 miles this week, but with Andrew leaving town today I didn’t have an opportunity to have a Sunday run. 35.5 miles is good enough, though.

Long run nutrition this week: ate a fatty meal the night before (pizza dip), then ran after being fasted for 14.5 hours. Had one water bottle with Nuun in it for the 2:20 or so I was out there. Only felt hungry on the hills, as usual.

Next week will be challenging. Andrew is gone so I will have to run at the YMCA or after the kids return home from school. On Wednesday morning I am traveling with the baby to Oklahoma to see my oldest child graduate from Basic Training, so no running Wednesday or Thursday. I should be able to do something on Friday and then we are traveling home on Saturday, which is my daughter’s 12th birthday. Whew!

AND…I told you I would pick a race this week and I think I have! I suggested to Andrew that we spend a few weeks in Florida next month. I have a conference I want to attend in Tampa and he has a race he is going to as a coach 3 weeks later in the Orlando area. He liked the idea and started researching options and it looks like we are going to do it! THIS is why we are self-employed, people! Anyway, I found a 33.3 mile trail race that looks perfect called Long Play. I’m excited about it because it is a good distance, it’s close to where we will be staying, and it’s partly on the same trail where I did my first century ride way back in 2006 or so when I was getting ready for my first Ironman!

Today was the Mardis Gras marathon. I’m a litte sad to not be there but life goes on. Going to Florida in February will be a great consolation prize!