Training Week Recap #12

Oh, how I hate to say this. I had to take some days off of running due to my foot problem. I saw our chiropractor on Friday and was told there is a 50-60% chance that my injury is a stress fracture. It could alternatively be soft tissue stuff, so I am supposed to do some self-ART on it every 2 hours.

Doc also told me to lay off running but that I could run if running didn’t make it worse. I don’t think the running is making it worse but to be safe I am taking 5 days off. I think that’s all I can handle mentally right now and I am hoping (really, really hoping) that it’s not a SF and that the ART is working to fix it. It hurts like heck to manipulate it and my foot is more sore now than it was before, but hopefully in a good way??

Earlier in the week my runs had been consistently going great. My times are coming down really nicely thanks to the weather and I felt strong out there.

Anyway, so that means I missed a 2 mile run and my long 6 mile run last week. And I will probably skip my long run this week as well, just to be safe. I plan on trying to run again on Wednesday and in the meantime find motivation to get on the bike, which so far is non-existent.

Not much else to report. I love both my new Merrells. I’m losing weight very, very slowly. I’m still only down about 2 pounds total as of this morning and I’ve been keto for a month or so. However, my brain is working really well and that is motivation enough to stay ketonic.

I’m going to make a new post for my weekly goals from now on.