Training Week Recap 1/26-2/1


Me and Mason on family day!


Meh. It was not what I hoped but for good reason – I was traveling, Andrew was out of town the whole week, and then Jack got sick toward the end of our trip. I ran ONE mile outside the whole entire week, which might help explain why I am feeling blue and crabby as I sit here on Tuesday morning. Yesterday I could have run outside but it was raining and windy and miserable, so I did 3 mile son the treadmill.

So, I only ran 12 miles (haha!!) and it was all inside except for 1 mile in Oklahoma. What a bust. The good news is I bet I will feel flippin’ fantastic on my run this morning since I’ll be well-rested.

This week will hopefully see some return to normalcy with running and with life in general. Jack is starting to feel better, I am mostly back to my routine as of this morning (I say mostly because I slept until 6:30 instead of my normal 5AM wake-up) and I don’t anticipate anything getting in the way of a good week of training. I might do a half marathon this weekend if the weather looks good.

I’m still planning on the 33 mile race in Florida. I also might do the Land Between the Lakes 60K in the beginning of March. I’ve always wanted to do that race and the one year I actually signed up for it there was a blizzard the night before so I skipped it. No pressure on either of those races since I am not running anywhere NEAR the distance in my long runs I would want in order to do well, so it will be for fun and a return to the joy or long-distance running for me.