Training Week Recap #17 – A Strange Sign of Food Sensitivity?

I’m too tired to write this week. Jack is crying himself to sleep in the next room and that pretty much sums up my week. Not much sleep, no decent naps, no time to do anything other than sit on the couch for a few minutes before he wakes up again.

Anyway, last week was fine. I had a great long run of 7.6 miles and my other runs were fine, too. My foot gives me occasional issues of various kinds but never the same issue chronically. My bigger problem right now is peeing my pants. I was literally soaked by the end of my long run last week. I hate it. I’m trying to troubleshoot what conditions make it happen more consistently and so far my hunches are that it’s worse in the afternoon and worse after coffee. I had been at Starbucks in the afternoon before my long run and even though I peed right before I ran I think that Americano did me in. I might run long tomorrow (Wednesday) and will try to do it in the morning instead.

In other news, I had the most interesting experience today and I just have to share it. I’m not sure what it means yet but when I have time I will certainly be investigating this further. So, the last couple of days I have been having stomach problems like I used to when I ate grains: bloating, pooping problems, massive belching, stomach cramps. Andrew and I went out to eat twice this week so I thought MAYBE it was some hidden gluten or something but I was surprised it was both restaurants, especially since I only ate bacon, eggs, and cheese at one of them.

So this morning as I am taking my vitamins and probiotics (as I said I would in my weekly goals), I decide to check the label of the vitamins. And WTF – it’s a “whole food” vitamin and contains BROWN RICE and OATS. Not even gluten free oats! Jeez!! Unfortunately, I read this after I had swallowed my three pills for the day. What a rookie mistake. I had these pills left over from when I was pregnant so I guess when I bought them I just assumed they were gluten free. It didn’t even occur to me that they might include rice and oats. Lesson learned. Hopefully my stomach will start to recover tomorrow so I can get rid of this terrible bloating and not worry about running on an iffy tummy.

Now the interesting part, for me at least. Every day I also do Emwave Training (heart rate variability training) as part of my meditation practice. I currently go for about 10 minutes on the Hard level. Your score is base don how much time you spent in the three levels of coherence. An average “score” for me lately is about 80% in Level A, 15% in Level B (moderate coherence), and 5% in Level C (very low or no coherence). Well, tonight I did the Emwave and had something happen that has NEVER, EVER happened before (even when I first started): I couldn’t get out of Level C. I couldn’t get ANY coherence at all. It took me 6 1/2 minutes to get ANY coherence at all and my score by the end of my 10 minutes was by far the worst score I have ever had. It was so strange because I had literally never seen my heart rate graph behave like it did tonight,

I THINK I may have heard something recently about heart rate variability being used to detect food sensitivities so I was of course really amazed by this coincidence. I wonder if they are related. I can’t think of anything else that could have caused such a drastic change in my physiology. HRV is also used to measure training stress, with a bad score an indication of the need for a rest day, so I’m glad I wasn’t able to find time to run today. I’m very curious to see what happens over the next day or so.

Next week: just keep trucking. No goals. I’m living day to day right now and until that changes, having goals is stressing me out.