Training Week Recap – 2/16-2/22

Ah, sunny Florida. I love Florida and frequently think that if I ever regret anything, it would be moving away from here. It’s just that humans are really bad at realizing how good they have it until they don’t have it anymore and that was certainly the case for me. The weather, the more diverse people, the training opportunities, the races available…all things I took for granted and now long for from afar.

All my runs were in Tampa or Anna Maria Island this week and it was SO amazing and rejuvenating. We actually had some cold weather in Tampa but for me it was completely tolerable as it was sunny, I was running in one of my favorite training spots of all time, and I am accustomed to 30-40 degree weather. Knowing it was 3 degrees and iced over in Nashville helped keep thing sin perspective!

I was happy to get back to running some decent distance this week after a couple of weeks of hit and miss training. I ran 6 days and came in just under 40 miles (38.6). I was tempted to run twice today to get to 40 miles but my legs are beat – we walked at least 3 miles today in addition to my 9 mile run. So 38.6 it is – all flat, almost all sunny, a few done in just my sports bra and skirt, yay!

I am having one small issue – it seems my feet are growing. My Merrell Bare Access shoes are feeling too small. I couldn’t find any place in Tampa that sold them so I am a trying to decide now what to do about my upcoming race. I can’t imagine how much the minor discomfort of crowded toes will be magnified over 33.3 miles. I tried on some Altras and even their biggest size for women was too small for me feet!! I wear a 9.5 in my Merrells – large but not the world’s largest feet, right? I’m considering ordering new Merrells from Amazon so I can get them in the next couple of days and wear them next weekend. It’s either that or deal with the crowded toes.

My plan this week is to back off quite a bit. I’ll run 2 times, 3-6 miles each. Should give me more time to work on the projects I need to get done while I am here and also feel rested for the race. I’m excited that my next Training Recap will include a Race Report!