Training Week Recap #9

20.7 miles! Now what?

My goals last week were to run 20 miles and do the loop, both of which I accomplished. I feel good about hitting 20 miles and I am trying to hold onto that success instead of thinking about how slow I am. Sometimes I have a moment of weakness and wonder what the point of running 20 miles at a 12:15 pace is. It’s not surprising that I would have moments where my faith in the process falters. It’s a long process and my job is simply to persevere. The ultimate goal (which I realize I haven’t really articulated to myself) is to run the marathon as a fat-adapted athlete at my pre-baby weight and at a decent pace. What a decent pace means is unclear right now. There is just no way for me to predict how I will adapt to the training and eating LCHF. But I guess I would rather be a slower runner and not have to eat sugar than a faster runner dependent on carbs and dealing with stomach issues and weight gain.

Anyway, I hit 20 miles this week and it’s left me wondering what is next. I think it’s time for me to change up the way I do my training. I’m running too many 3-4 mile runs to get to a weekly mileage goal and it’s time to adjust to a more balanced approach. When I say balance I mean less mid-range runs and more of a mix of long, short, and medium. It’s just very hard to do this when your long run is only 5.5 miles! I think it will become a viable option once I hit 7 or 8 miles and can do something like 8,

More thoughts on this past week:
Had a lot of evening runs this week and it was very stressful to try to sneak out the door at dinnertime. It’s SO much better to run in the morning!
I accidentally wore my size large skirt for a 3 mile run and got severely chafed! It’s so important to wear the right size. You wouldn’t think a skirt that is too large would cause more problems than a too-small skirt but if it’s too big the shorties underneath ride up.
I lost 1.5 pounds this week.

Next week’s goals: 6 days of running as 1:2:3 ratio of long run (6), Medium runs (4) and short runs (2). That will get me another 20 mile week but in a healthier fashion.