Training Week Recap and General Update

Konmari clothes

My yoga pants, jeans, and skirts folded the KonMari way.

The week after the Long Play 33.3 miler I did absolutely nothing. I flew home with Jack on Tuesday and spent the week being snowed in with my kids, recovering from 2.5 weeks of travel with a baby, and trying to regain some normalcy in my life and routine. As much as I wanted to go on the trip to Florida, it really turned out badly for me. Next year, IF we do this again, we will be doing things VERY differently. I’ve got to accept that I do best with a structured routine and I need not only time alone to recharge but time alone to work and be productive. Without both of those every day I am really not capable of being my best.

ANYWAY, after my week off from exercise, I returned to running on Monday. I ran 4x this week, 3, 3, 4, and 8. Felt a little achy in the ankles and a little sore here and there but it’s just a shaking out of the cobwebs.

Also, I started lifting this week. I’m doing Stronglifts 5×5 for now just to get into a routine of lifting and to build some strength. Eventually I will move on to something more sport specific (heavy lifts plus plyometrics). I am very excited about lifting because as happy as I am to be back to my regular clothing size, I am not toned (that sounds so girly). I have some fat in places I don’t want it and the strength training will help my body composition. Plus it’s fun. Plus it’s healthy.

Other stuff going on around here:

  • My trip to FL was the catalyst I needed to re-evaluate what my goals are this year and what I can actually make time for. I have too many things going on right now and I’m worn out from the stress of it all. Reading Essentialism was perfect for me – I’m now trying to implement some of the things I read and get back to a calmer place where I feel like I have time for the things that are most important to me – my family, reading, writing, and my athletes.
  • I’m still on my crazy KonMari Method kick after reading The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I couldn’t resist any longer and re-did Andrew’s drawers as well. I am LOVING having all of my stuff in one spot (my closet) and also getting rid of more stuff (including kid stuff since one of my kids moved to a new room last week and the other re-arranged everything in their room). I think the household fussing about is a way for me to re-focus and practice saying no to stuff!
  • I haven’t planned another race yet or thought much about where I want to go with my training. I have one possible race in mind but I haven’t given it any due diligence. Since it’s in the summer there is a good chance that it will conflict with work but maybe not – I suppose I could give it a look (I looked and it does conflict but it’s still a possibility if I really want to make it happen).
  • I didn’t weigh myself for the whole month of February. I weighed myself today and I’m about 2 pounds down. I’m glad I stopped weighing…I don’t need to lose any more weight so why torture myself with the scale? I think once a week is good. And if you are curious how well I ate in Florida, I can tell you the things I ate that were not my regular foods: Quest bars, ice cream after my race, a bunch of junk during the race, and 2 truffles from Godiva. Not bad for 2.5 weeks of traveling.

I’m hoping for some extra time this week so I can write more about two amazing books I’ve read recently, Essentialism, which I mentioned above, and Philosophy For Life and Other Dangerous Situations.  They both have stayed with me and fueled so much thought and contemplation that I would love to get out of my head and onto “paper”.




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