Training Week Recap – Weeks 15-16

I never did find the time last week for my weekly update so I’ll combine the last two weeks.

Things are definitely improving although I feel very far behind. I got my volume back up to 20 miles this week, which is where I was 5 long weeks ago (week of Sept. 1). Obviously it’s good that I am back up to 20 miles while my foot is feeling 90% better, but I can’t help but worry about how far behind I am.

My long run was a lovely 6.5 miler on Saturday. The weather was ideal and that made it seems effortless EXCEPT for the stomach problems that led to 2 separate trips into the woods – yuck. I had only had one cup of Bulletproof Coffee that morning, which is my usual, so not sure why that happened.

I’m really excited about moving past the 6 mile range in my long runs finally. I look forward to the longer efforts. One thing that I have to start thinking about is nutrition. So far I have not taken anything to eat or drink on any of my runs but that will have to change now that I’m getting closer to 1.5 hours. Things I will be trying: Ucann, almond butter, maybe coconut oil.

My foot is feeling pretty good. The week before last I decided that it was not likely a stress fracture as the pain had migrated to my second toe. I now think it’s either arthritis, metataralgia, or something else related to my toes being funky. If I wer my more cushioned Merrells I barely feel anything but if I run or walk around in my Pace Gloves I notice some soreness the next day and also am more likely to have sharp, shooting pain when walking. I feel that pain more in my second toe and underneath it and it goes away if I stretch it and massage it for just a few minutes. This makes me think that it’s a chronic issue but totally manageable.

My pace is improving very slowly but for the most part I am right around 11:00 minute miles still (for even my long runs, This seems to be my forever pace). I know I will continue to see improvement here as I lose weight and become more and more fat adapted. I’d rather run 11:00 minute miles as a fat adapted person than 9:00 miles while consuming piles of carbs.

This week I hope to have a nice long run of 7 miles. Other than that my only goal is to to stay injury free. I’ll stick with running 6x per week as that seems to be working.