Training Weeks Recap – Weeks 21, 22, and 23

It’s the holiday season and I have less time and this blog is the first to go but here is a short update.

1. I am not doing Mardis Gras due to my son’s graduation from Basic Training the next weekend in Oklahoma. I am currently debating other options: Mercedes Marathon in February, Mississippi Blues Marathon in early January. We’ll see which way I swing but I suspect it will just depend on how my training is going.

2. I am doing a half marathon this weekend. It’s my first race in 2.5 years and also the first race I have actually done some training for in over 6 years. After my last IM wayyyyy back in 2008 (I think) I did one sprint triathlon on no training and then didn’t race again that I can recall until I did the Mardi Gras half marathon on literally NO run training AT ALL in 2012. So this is a huge thing for me. It’s been a long time since I was looking at a starting line with expectations and skin in the game. I’m proud of myself for getting to this point again.

3. That being said….I find it SO depressing that I will be running this half marathon after 25 weeks of run training and I anticipate that my finish time will BARELY beat the time I did back in 2012 at New Orleans on literally NO training. I was in shape but had no run training. Also, I was probably 10 pound lighter and wasn’t doing LCHF eating. I try to not think about this too much because I can’t change it and it doesn’t really matter, but it’s a nagging thought.

4. I used sports nutrition for the first time this past week on my 14 mile long run. I had 1/2 serving of Generation UCAN before my run. I didn’t notice any difference in the way I felt BUT I did run about 20 seconds faster per mile than my 13.5 mile run the week before. I was also able to pick up the pace toward the end, which was a change from the week before. For the race this weekend, I think I will have BPC before, and do one of two things during the race:

a. take 2 hard candies and suck on them if I need energy
b. Take a gel flask with concentrated UCAN and perhaps some MCT oil in it.

5. I am quite sore and fatigued after this past week’s training (34.5 miles). But I am also pleasantly surprised by my lack of injury. My biggest complaint is that my feet are sore from the pounding they are taking in shoes with zero cushioning (Merrell Pace Glove). I’m visiting the chiropractor this week and hoping that helps me recover before the race this weekend.

Until next week and a RACE REPORT!!!