Weekly Goals

I’m not shaking the feeling that my goals are oppressive right now. I’m not sure what that’s about but I guess I am just easily overwhelmed right now. I think it might help if I print out my goals (which I used to do every week) instead of leaving them here where they are just a vague cloud of “to-do” hanging over my head. And that way I will get to cross stuff off, too. I guess I will put that on my list this week!

Last Week’s Goals:

The Daily List:
Meditate – I think I missed one day
Strength Training – Also think I only missed one day
30 Minutes Alone – nope
Write – missed a few days

Work on getting caught up on reading goal by finishing two books – DONE, I am now 1 book ahead of schedule!
Find time for myself every day this week – Nope
Check email only twice per day – I did pretty good with this one. 

Take that damn bag to Goodwill already! – DONE
Find someone to finish kitchen project – NOPE
Clean downstairs bathroom – DONE

Family and Marriage:
One family activity over Fall Break – We went to the park but that’s it
Write Andrew a love note – NOPE, Sad face
Trip to library – DONE

Finish chocolate milk blog – DONE
Print out bank statements – DONE
Have business meeting (UGH) – DONE


Daily List
Meditate 2x per day, once on the mat and once with Emwave
Strength Training
Log Food
Write for 10 minutes
Take probiotics and vitamins

Weekly Goals:

Read 1 book and listen to 1 book
Journal for 5 minutes every night

Kitchen project progress
Set up Craigslist queries for bathroom redo
Sell baby swing

Love note for kids
Love note for Andrew
Take Jack to park/get outside daily and story time

Write blog on productivity
Prepare meeting agenda
Find good information sources for nutrition to pass on to athletes