Weekly Goals

The most important thing I should have done last week was keep my goals on paper so I could see them, and I didn’t do it. Sigh. I’m forcing myself to do it this week by writing them down FIRST, then putting it here. I really hope this helps me shake the feeling of HATING my goals right now because I’m not getting things done. Of course, the MAIN reason I feel this way is I am totally living day-to-day in survival mode. Jack is barely sleeping during the day, Andrew and I have been busy with work and kid stuff, and a huge chunk of my mental energy has been taken up by working on some family stress that mostly derives from living day-to-day – a viscous cycle. And did I mention that my first baby is leaving for Army Basic Training in 6 days??? Wahhhh!!!!!!!!!!


Daily List
Meditate 2x per day, once on the mat and once with Emwave – Did Emwave most days but didn’t find time for the mat more than once or twice
Strength Training – I did this every day except one
Log Food – Did this
Write for 10 minutes – NOPE
Take probiotics and vitamins – YES on most days but it ended up making me sick

Weekly Goals:

Read 1 book and listen to 1 book – DONE. Listened to David and Goliath by Malcolm Gladwell and read 2 books
Journal for 5 minutes every night – Did not do at all

Kitchen project progress – NONE
Set up Craigslist queries for bathroom redo – NOPE – I am clearly not ready to give this any energy
Sell baby swing – It’s listed for sale but hasn’t sold yet

Love note for kids – Yes
Love note for Andrew – Yes
Take Jack to park/get outside daily and story time – Yes

Write blog on productivity – No
Prepare meeting agenda –Yes
Find good information sources for nutrition to pass on to athletes – Sent them the link to an online event going on this week. 

This week:

Finish reading The Organized Mind (this is hard because it’s a physical book, which is 10x harder to read throughout the day with an inquisitive toddler than reading on my Kindle or iPhone)
Work at Starbucks two times (the time may be spent on work but it makes me feel so much better that it’s a personal goal, too)
No sugar this week at all
Emwave or meditate every day
Survive my baby leaving for boot camp

Clean the bathrooms and upstairs for company
Sell baby swing
Find 20 things to get rid of upstairs (not in bedrooms)
Get Tom working on baby-proofing the bathroom

Love notes to everyone
Jack to story time, one run in stroller or one walk
Have a goodbye dinner or celebration for Mason
Write overdue thank you cards
Call my dad

Write productivity blog
Start 3 ATPs
Adjust Google doc for feedback
Thank you cards for new clients

I also want to note a few things that aren’t on the goals list but are important. One, I am working toward trying to make one day a week an electronic sabbath. Two, I’m trying not to buy anything new. I’m not being strict about the second one (yet). I like to try out new habits or challenges a little bit before I decide if it’s one I want to take on with commitment.