Weekly Goals 9/22-9/28

Here are my goals from last week:

Goal Board Daily List

Carbs Under 30
Cardio and Strength

Here is how I did:

A so-so week. Jack didn't sleep in at all this week so I lost my morning writing time.

A so-so week. Jack didn’t sleep in at all this week so I lost my morning writing time.

Weekly Lists

Finish Spectating doc and FAQ. We decided not to do the spectating doc because of time constraints.
One race plan per day for Chattanooga athletes. Done.
Email each client with thoughts on upcoming race and/or off-season. Done.

List 3 things for sale.
Cook one thing kids can eat for breakfast (granola, muffins, something like that). Done. Made GF/grain free pineapple muffins and blueberry muffins. They only liked the pineapple ones. 
Go through Jack’s clothes and get rid of small summer stuff. Done. Well, sort of. I went through it but it’s not gone yet. 

Go to the YMCA with Andrew and put Jack in the daycare. DONE. It went fine. 
Send Andrew a card in the mail. DONE – sent it on Saturday. 
Write each kid a short note for lunch box or put on their steering wheel. DONE.

Long Term Progress:
Call one of the following: fencing company, insulation company, or someone with a backhoe. Nope, didn’t even get close.
Begin to formulate plan to Buy Nothing New and cut expenses – Does thinking about it count?


Daily Tasks: same as last week. HRV sensor isn’t working so I have to meditate the old fashioned way.

Finish Race Plans
Start a list of goals for my coaching in 2015
Spectate Ironman Chattanooga!!!

Trip to Goodwill to drop stuff off
Cook a loaf of bread
Make bone broth
Schedule carpet cleaning

Personal and Family:
Finish one book, start another (I have 4 books to read in the next two weeks)
Lunchbox notes for the kids
Car gift for Andrew (a little something left in his car)
Take Jack to story time

Long Term:
Pick the next household project and make a call.