Weekly Goals

I am so happy to be on this side of Ironman Chattanooga. It was great to be there but I am so exhausted. The past few weeks leading up the race were very busy for us work-wise and I am ready to dial it down a bit.

I was gone more than I was home last week so I didn’t do my daily white board check-ins. Honestly I don’t feel like doing it this week, either, but I will force myself. It’s amazing how quickly will-power fails you when you are tired, underfed, and over-worked.

Last Week’s Goals:

Daily Tasks: same as last week. HRV sensor isn’t working so I have to meditate the old fashioned way. I did something I have never in my life done before: I made my bed in a hotel room. Just to keep the habit going.

Finish Race Plans
Start a list of goals for my coaching in 2015
Spectate Ironman Chattanooga!!!  I was there for most of it but then Jack had had enough of the grandparents and I had to return to the hotel right before my first athlete crossed the finish line. I am glad I was there for the part of the day but very sad I didn’t get to a see a single FTP athlete cross the finish line. 

Trip to Goodwill to drop stuff off – It’s in the car, sigh. 
Cook a loaf of bread – no way did I have time for this – I should have known better.
Make bone broth
Schedule carpet cleaning – again, didn’t do it. 

Personal and Family:
Finish one book, start another (I have 4 books to read in the next two weeks)  Finished The Big Fat Surprise AND Carry On Warrior
Lunchbox notes for the kids
Car gift for Andrew (a little something left in his car) – sadly, this did not get done although I did fill the car with gas before our trip.
Take Jack to story time – Andrew did this for me this week so I could get my hair done!

Long Term:
Pick the next household project and make a call. Nope. 


This Week’s Dailies:


Log Food

Daily Strength Training

Express Gratitude to Someone

This Week’s Goals:

Start a List of Coaching Goals For 2015
Write a Thank You/Congrats Note to Each IM Chattanooga Athlete
Finish Chocolate Milk Blog

Take Jack to Story Time
Plan one activity for fall break
Love notes for kids

Buy new toilet
Make call about unfinished kitchen project
Bring broken table to the street for trash

Revisit my notes from And Baby Makes Three
Write Andrew a love note
Find time to talk and/or walk together