5 Steps to a Complete Etsy Shop Info and About Sections

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Let’s talk about your Shop Info today. It’s not the most fun topic, but it’s so important that you have all your information filled out in these sections of your shop. It can be tempting to leave this stuff until later, but Etsy buyers want this information and Etsy considers it in their algorithm, too.

The hardest part for some people is the About section, so let’s start there. It can be really hard to talk about and promote yourself, so maybe you have put this task off for a while. But one thing I love about shopping on Etsy is getting to know who I am supporting with my small business dollars. SHOW YOUR FACE! I know, I know. It’s hard. You are private. But buyers trust smiling faces.

Let’s break the About section down into 5 segments. First, go to your page as buyers see it on Etsy, then scroll down past your reviews to the About section. See what it looks like to buyers. Now, click the Edit Shop button on the left to get working.


1. The first thing the buyer will see is your carousel of photos and/or video. Make sure you have photos here. I have a picture of my family, a picture of wrapped books ready to ship, a picture of my home office, and a picture of a cute book set. Consider adding a video introduction and a photo of yourself working in your office space. You can even add a photo of your pet or a picture of your favorite place to shop for inventory.


2. After the photos, there is a description of you and your shop. Add a title here that describes what you sell. Mine says Vintage Decorative Book Sets. Now tell your shoppers some of the following:

Your history selling what you sell and why you do it
The story behind your shop name
Your family
Where you live
What inspires you
What you love about your business

Do the best you can to naturally add in some keywords that are relevant to your shop. For me, that means using vintage books, book sets by color, old books for decor, etc. Having these keywords in your About section helps the Etsy search algorithm direct the right customers to your shop.


3. Also, your About section can have external links! This is very important! Send them to Instagram, your email list, your website, or wherever you want to get more traffic. It’s one of the only places on Etsy you can have hyperlinks (you can add hyperlinks in listings to other items in your shop).


4. Under the About this section is Around the Web. Make sure you have added your social media profiles here and your website if you have one.


5. The last part we will work on today is the About You section, which is your personal profile information. Mine is a very short and simple two-sentence bio that describes where I live, my family, and my hobbies. Again ADD YOUR OWN PHOTO. Come on, you can do it! The whole point of Etsy is to shop with a person, not a nameless and faceless company. Let people see you.

That’s all! You now have a complete Etsy shop About Section and your shop will look much more inviting to buyers.

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