Beginner's Guide to Starting an Email List for Etsy Sellers

Mar 02, 2021

You need an email list right now. Ask any business owner what they regret the most and many times you will hear them say that they wish they had started an email list sooner. Email is where you build customer relationships, where you make money, where you get people’s full attention. Not social media! Social media is a great introduction, but the real conversation happens through your email list.

It’s super easy to get started building a list. Just follow these steps and you will be ready to collect emails in just a few minutes.

1. Sign Up

Go to Mailchimp and click the Sign Up Free button. Create a username and password (btw, you are using a password manager like Last Pass, right?).

Note: I do not get any commission for referring you to Mailchimp. It's who I started with and I think they offer a great Free option.

2. Create a list and name it.

Go to Audience > Sign Up Forms > Form Builder.
Add a welcome message like “Welcome to YOUR BUSINESS NAME, a place for us to chat about all things books!”. You can change the colors if you want under the Design It tab.

3. Copy your sign-up link.

Go just above your new sign-up form and see where it says Sign-Up Form Link. Copy that and past it into your Notes app. You are going to use that link everywhere: in your IG profile, in your Shop Announcement, in your About Section, as a footer in your emails. So make sure it’s easily accessible to you.

4. Create an email template

Navigate to Create > Email Template. Just pick the one you like and change the info to match your shop. Simpler is better. You can see some great newsletter templates under Themes.

5. Create your first newsletter (optional)

I send a newsletter every weekend. I think of the newsletter as a chat with my friends. I’ll sell them some stuff in another email. What relevant content would your customers like to read about? Links from around the web? What’s going on behind the scenes in your shop? A “Meet a Client” feature? Think of the newsletters you always read and copy what makes them special to you. Don’t think it has to be long! One of my favorite weekly newsletters takes me about 2 minutes to read. In fact, a long email newsletter might not get read at all, so don’t put too much time into it.

6. Create a Welcome Series

Navigate to Create > Automated Email

And auto-responder series is a series of emails that go out to everyone who joins your list. It could be just one Welcome email or it could be a string of 3 or 10 or 20 emails that automatically go out every day, every few days, once a week, etc. Here are mine for Pretty Old Books:

1. Welcome Email: has discount code in it for 25% off first purchase.
2. Email Two, sent four days later: How to participate in my email sales.
3. Email Three, sent nine days later: how to earn free products by joining my free rewards program.

  • Goals of a Welcome series:
    introducing yourself and get new contact used to seeing your name in their inbox
  • Making sure they know what you do and how they can join in
  • Following up after they have had time to get to know you to see if they have questions and know about my rewards program

That’s it, folks. You now have an email list. You can do the most important parts TODAY: Sign Up, create your first list, create the sign-up form, create your first automated message, and save the link. DONE!

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